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    9/18/11: Create-a-Digimon Contest!

    Dante Kestrel
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    9/18/11: Create-a-Digimon Contest! Empty 9/18/11: Create-a-Digimon Contest!

    Post  Dante Kestrel on Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:39 pm

    Dante here, and as you can tell, this announcement is about a brand new kind of event we're having! A lot of people try to suggest what Digimon we'll be adding to the game next. And we could add a lot of existing Digimon in anytime. But, we want to listen to what the people think of Digimon, and are allowing YOU to go ahead and create your own Digimon to be put straight into the game!

    How will this work, you might ask? Well, as complicated as it may seem, there's a format that you'll be following to submit your Digimon and the link goes here.


    We're not exactly running a Digimon factory, so base your designs/descriptions off of one preexisting Digimon, and let your imaginations go from there. Through the next two weeks, we'll be narrowing down the results until we eventually pick the top three to have their Digimon put into the game for everyone to have! So don't delay! Get your Digimon in today!

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