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    (If you're looking for the digivolution guide, check here http://digitalworldstory.forumotion.com/t3-digivolution-guide)

    (If you're looking for requirements to join a clan, look here http://digitalworldstory.forumotion.com/t4-guild-requirements)

    (If you're looking for an application to make a clan, go here

    Welcome to Digital World Story. Right about now your probably wondering, where is my Digimon? Well don't worry, from your start point there is a store to the left, just enter it and you can have your very own Digimon.

    Aquan - Gomamon
    Beast - Gabumon
    Bird - Biyomon
    Dark - Demidevimon
    Dragon - Agumon
    Holy - Patamon
    Plant - Palmon
    Insect - Tentomon
    Machine - Hagurumon

    Now that that is out of the way you have a V-pet. This is pretty useless for now but don't worry it will get better. Just head up the stairs above where you started and get to the top floor. Talk to the only person on that floor and he'll turn your V-pet into a Digimon. After that, he'll give you a test. Kill 5 of the Kapurimon in the room. Talk to him again when your done.

    *Dante's tip-I find it best to get more than 5 kills before proceeding so that you don't die very much in the digital world. Level 3 is pretty good.*
    Scan=Right click, or verb in the combat tab.
    You will need to engage every Digimon before you can fight them. Scanning is also good so you know what level they are and attribute.

    Depending on your attribute, you might have a tough time dealing with certain wild Digimon, so be prepared.
    Vaccine > Virus > Data > Vaccine

    *Attributes play a big role in battles against wild Digimon, but not as much against other players.*

    Now that you have killed some innocent Kapurimon and have a Digimon you can go talk to the mission coordinator that you passed on the way up to the top. He is on the first floor and the closest to the portal. *The portal is located in the top left hand corner of the lobby*
    He will ask you do to some missions. And remember to read what the NPC say to you. It will be vital to remember.

    Also you know the red stone that you start right above? Ya it's called the Healing Stone. If you right click it you can heal.

    Your mission will be to go and fight Tsukaimon, a purple Patamon. Go through the portal, which will take to your first area in the Digital World, the Network Isles. After you beat them the next thing to do it get back to the lobby.

    To get back to the lobby when you use the portal is simple. There are two ways to do this. 1. Find the treasure chest somewhere near where the boss of the area was.
    2. Buy a Return Map from the Tamer Shop to the right of where you started.

    *It's always a good idea to stock up on items before you head out into the world. Make sure you buy some items from the Tamer Shop outside the HQ, it's a good way to make sure you don't die in the middle of a battle.*


    Now that you did your first mission just do two more from Jim. Then, after talking to him and Commander Leon once again, they'll talk to you about Tamer Teams. You must then join a team.
    Team Captains are on the second floor of Tamer HQ, by the wall to the far left.

    The team you join is vital. For if you are a virus team you can only buy virus gifts. Gifts are bought from the Tamer Shop, on the right side of the main Tamer building. The gifts are to be given to Digimon so you can take their happiness up. By going up to a Digimon, right-clicking your gift and using the Give verb, you're raising your chances of getting that Digimon. Happiness is like the % chance of getting that Digimon's D-soul.

    After giving Digimon gifts, you'll need to battle them in order to have a chance at getting their D-Soul.

    If you are on Virus team give a virus Digimon a virus gift and they will get happier. The same applies for any other attribute. The more happy *limit 100* the better chance of catching them.

    Bosses can not be caught. (But that doesn't mean they're not available somewhere.)

    While we are on the subject of gift boxes, you might be wondering. "Gee Dante, what are all the other items for."
    Glad you asked.

    Return Map - Returns you to the lobby while in the Digital World.
    Digi-Heal 150/300/600= They heal you for how much they say. EX. 150 heals 150 hp.
    Gifts - Give them to Digimon to take up happiness.

    Also you know the red stone that you start right above? Ya it's called the healing stone. If you right click it you can heal.



    Now hopefully around this point of the game, after your 3rd of 4th mission you will be level 11. If not you should start smashing some wild faces in, because your going to need it for mission 5.
    At level 11 you can turn your Digimon into a champion, at level 21 Ultimate, at level 41 Mega.

    You CAN NOT digivolve your Digimon before finishing your third mission, so keep that in mind when planning out your game time.

    You will need to talk to the Digivolution Engineer on the second floor. There is one on each side of the room behind a desk. The yellow one is for DNA which I will go into soon.
    Each evolution will cost you Digi-Points which if you don't know are obtained by getting 100 kills. It's not as time consuming as you may think because the stronger the Digimon is the more kills it counts for.

    Some of you might be saying, " My Digimon can digivolve into something else, but I can't digivolve backwards!" That's where you're wrong. You'll notice, when talking to the Digivolution Engineer, there's a second option to degenerate your Digimon. This means you'll be taking your Digimon and going backwards in stages, and you'll even get Digi-Points when you degenerate! So, if you want to turn your Veedramon into a Veemon, you just need to degenerate it. You need to be at the Digimon's respective levels of digivolution which is shown below. Your Digimon will go back to level 1, so only do this if you seek to retrain your Digimon or seek a new kind of Digimon.

    Now, the Digi-Points needed for evolutions and degenerations are as follows. And I'm being nice and putting the level with it so that if your to lazy to read the whole thing you can skim this and find them.

    Levels & D-points
    Champion - Level 11 & 5 D-points
    Ultimate - Level 21 & 10 D-points
    Mega - 41 & 20 D-points.

    *Some Digimon digivolve at different levels than the ones listed. See the Digivolution Guide for more info!*

    To increase your levels beyond 11, you'll need to go back to the Digivolution Engineer and use the Increase Max Level option. You only need 1 Digi-Point to increase your max level by 5. Happy killing!

    DNA Digivolution
    Now for DNA Digivolution. Some Digimon have the ability to DNA Digivolve or Fuse for those who don't know the series or games. These Digimon will revert back to level 1 but will have the stats equal to the sum of the original stats of the Digimon that were DNA Digivolved.
    I'm not going into what can DNA because you can look at a list of them on the Evolution chart that the staff was kind enough to make up.
    Now DNA Digivolution cost a total of 50 D-points and will take away your two D-Souls to give you a more powerful one.

    Mode Change Digivolution
    While not considering digivolving into an entirely new Digimon, Mode Changing is still a big part of the game, and can really help some of your Digimon. The requirements are high, so only experienced players will have the opportunity to obtain these rare Digimon. You'll need 1000 Digipoints, and your Digimon will have to be at level 81 for it to work.
    The following Digimon are currently able to Mode Change:
    Imperialdramon Dragon Mode

    Ancient Digivolution

    The Ancient Warrior Digimon existed once in the Digital World, and their bloodlines have been passed through existing Digimon's data. Now, you can awaken your own Ancient Digimon! Recognized by the Ancient prefix in the Digimon's name, these Digimon are obtained by raising certain Digimon to a powerful level (71), and great rewards come to those who have made these Digimon.

    The following Digimon can digivolve into Ancient Digimon (See the Digivolution Guide for more info)


    Auction House
    After a long awaited period, the auction house is finally open! Open every Saturday, we bring out rare Digimon you may not get a chance to have anywhere else! Announcements go off a while before the auctions begin, have your bits ready!

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them in Member Talk, the Feedback area or send me a Private Message.



    Now free to be made the public, we publish clans based on type. So if you're interested in making a clan of a specific Digimon type (Bird, Dark, Plant), gather two Digimon of that type at level 100, and then see a level 4 GM on the server for assistance in having your clan created. (Note: If a clan already exists with your type, you must fight the current leader to have control of that clan type.)

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