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    Full Name: Cerulian Gray Foxheart

    Nickname(s): Ceru, Fox, Blue, Hey You!

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Birth-Date: October 25, 1985

    Sexuality: Straight

    Relationship Status: Single

    Love Interest/Spouse: N/A

    Nationality: American

    Village or Town of birth: Sarulain

    Smoker?: No

    Drinker?: Social

    Drug User?: No

    Appearance: Casual yet formal, wears a red scarf, and a necklace with a wolf tooth and a silver fox pendant.

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 110 lbs

    Figure/Build: Slim Tall

    Hairstyle and Color: Short brown

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Skin Color: White

    Tattoos (If any): Sleeping fox over left chest

    Scars (If any): Yes but hidden; one large across the chest.

    Piercings (If any): None

    Preferred Style of Clothing: Long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and blue jeans. (Shirt colors vary from Maroon, Olive Green, Grey, Black, or Blue-Grey)

    Personality and Habits

    Personality: Lighthearted, quiet, friendly

    Likes: Helping others and being a friend

    Dislikes: People who lie and are rude to others

    Fears/Phobias: Losing friends

    Favorite Color: Blue and Grey

    Favorite Food(s): Chicken and spicy

    Favorite Drink(s): Coke and Wine

    Least Favorite Color: N/A

    Least Favorite Food(s): bland-tasting foods

    Least Favorite Drink(s): N/A

    Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, gaming, photography, hiking, biking

    Talents/skills: Adaptable and skillful, artist.

    Peaceful or Aggressive?: Peaceful

    Relationships: None

    Parents: Alone

    Siblings: One

    Children: None

    Other Important Relatives: N/A

    Notable Friends: N/A

    Enemies: N/A

    Partner Digimon: Renamon (Nicknamed Kyra)

    Digimon Description: A blue-grey Renamon with reddish fur patches

    Digimon's Personality: Quiet until comfortable around others

    How/When You Met Your Partner: Rescued from a group of viral digimon while in Rookie form. Kyra digivolved into Renamon.

    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc):

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World: When I was 25 I was on the internet when a virus caused a rift to open up between the two worlds. That’s when I met Renamon.

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Grew up in a small neighborhood and experienced supernatural events where his friends were afflicted by spirits and made their lives stressful. He wanted to help, but was too young to understand their meaning.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): Became more fascinated with the supernatural and started learning their rituals and magic by going to the library to get the history of the mystery. He also came across myths about thereans to which he developed an affinity for the kitsune due to their similar characteristics with his own personality. While studying magic, he also became interested in art and creativity. Some may say it was due to his nature as a Kitsune to be an artist, and his enjoyment of self expressionism..

    Adult years (20 on): Became an art teacher after graduating from college and teaches a college level art course while practicing magic and helping those who are afflicted by spirits behind the scenes.
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