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    Full Name: Moody Mathis Cothurnus

    Nickname(s): ... Moody

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Birth-Date: 7/13

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Relationship Status: Single

    Love Interest/Spouse: what is love

    Nationality: American

    Village or Town of birth: Allentown

    Smoker?: Nope

    Drinker?: Not yet.

    Drug User?: Not yet.


    Height: 5' 11"

    Weight: 142 lb.

    Figure/Build: Moody is skinny and has lighter skin than most people.

    Hairstyle and Color: Black, long (emo?) hair.

    Eye Color: Brown

    Skin Color: White.

    Tattoos (If any): None.

    Scars (If any): None.

    Piercings (If any): None.

    Preferred Style of Clothing: Moody prefers plain blue or black jeans and usually wears long sleeves shirts like thermals.

    Personality and Habits

    Personality: His self-obsession with gaining knowledge has made him intelligent through experience, though he's often too absent-minded to make use of it. Although he's usually lazy, when he gets involved in something he puts the rest of his issues aside to resolve it. He feels a need to always tell the truth, as he also has a strong sense of justice, and although he dislikes communicating with people he tries his best to be clear and get all of his views across. He prefers the spiritual world, though this is only because he finds himself not functioning very well in the physical world.

    Likes: Music, coming to bold conclusions, art, justice, evolution.

    Dislikes: Lying, bullying,most people, most sports.

    Fears/Phobias: Fears that no one will listen to him.

    Favorite Color: Purple.

    Favorite Food(s): Mexican.

    Favorite Drink(s): Mountain Dew.

    Least Favorite Color: Brown.

    Least Favorite Food(s): Most vegetables.

    Least Favorite Drink(s): Vegetable drinks.

    Hobbies: Video gamez.

    Talents/skills: Writing, can play various instruments, interrogation.

    Peaceful or Aggressive?: Aggressive.


    Parents: Jay (Father, 51) and Tina (Mother, 45). He's not in the best relations with them.

    Siblings: Ken (Brother, 23). He's also estranged from him, but has an admiration of him for being honest with his family and leaving to live life where he wants and how he wants.

    Children: None.

    Other Important Relatives: None.

    Notable Friends:
    None yet.
    None yet.
    Partner Digimon:
    Digimon Description:
    Moody Cothurnus Kudamon_%282006_anime%29_b
    Digimon's Personality:
    Kudamon bonds with Moody through his sense of justice, and when his calm personality conflicts with Moody's more aggressive one, he tries his best to either respect the way he is or passively bring him back down to his level.
    How/When You Met Your Partner:
    When he arrived in the digiworld when he was 13, he was naturally confused, but when he saw an Etemon monkeying around with some smaller digimon, he stepped in to confront it. What followed would have been a magnificent ass-whooping, but Kudamon, glad to see someone standing up for the right thing, managed to ward the Etemon away.
    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): Born under normal circumstances.

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World: Stumbled upon a portal at the age of 13 after he left his house after an argument. After finding his partner soon after he decided he didn't want to leave.

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Living as upper-middle-class white folks in a slightly dangerous city, he was subject to a lot of scary images and sounds. The occasional gunshot and the more apparent yelling of colored men. When his few friends were bullied on he couldn't handle the sight of it and ran. He never knew what happened to them, but it forced him into his heavy justice mindset which he now overdoes.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): When his parents started fighting with him over his grades and various other life choices, he ran away several times. Most recently, at 13, he ran to the park, where he discovered the digital world and decided to never come back. The rest of this is to be filled by time's gentle womb.

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