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    Full Name:Ace Takeshi






    Relationship Status:None

    Love Interest/Spouse:None


    Village or Town of birth:Osaka Town



    Drug User?:no

    Appearance: Ace has glasses with a red cap with a digimon crest sign on the cap wears a coat tht has a digimon crest site and under the text it saids his name and his digimon name



    Figure/Build:Small, underdeveloped

    Hairstyle and Color:Hairstyle Spikey Color Black

    Eye Color:Brown

    Skin Color:White

    Tattoos (If any):none

    Scars (If any):none

    Piercings (If any):none

    Preferred Style of Clothing:Blue Coat with Digimon Crest On It

    Personality:Helpful Cheerful Nice Funny

    Likes:Sleeping Training



    Favorite Color:Black And Blue

    Favorite Food(s):Rice and Sushi

    Favorite Drink(s):Soda

    Least Favorite Color:Black

    Least Favorite Food(s):Ramen

    Least Favorite Drink(s):Milk

    Hobbies:Video Games Anime Lover Draws Anime Characters

    Talents/skills:Drawing Fighting Training

    Peaceful or Aggressive?:Aggressive In A Series Fight


    Parents:Car Accident



    Other Important Relatives:None

    Notable Friends:None


    Partner Digimon:Agumon

    Digimon Description:A Reliable Digimon That Ace Depends On In Battle

    Digimon's Personality:hes really funny hes careful and helpful and nice and awesome

    How/When You Met Your Partner: Was Walking Cross The Street Than Almost got hit by a car but than a stranger saved him than he blackedout

    Life Story: His Parents had a car accident when he was 6 he been living on his own ever since he met his partner ace is the kind of person who is kind cheerful nice and funny

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc):Hospite

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World:He Blacked out when a car almost nearly hit him when a stranger pushed him out of the way

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):he was alone all his life without no friends or family memembers hes parents died when he was 6 he would be in a allyway on the floor laying down on the ground when ace and his partner met they been training and fighting other digimon ever since

    Teenage years (11 - 19):Ever since ace met his partner they been fighting other digimon and training alot

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