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    Full Name : Hanzel Riem

    Nickname(s): Random Beggar, Waste Of My Time And Money, FILTHY SCUM, Mr. Too Lazy For My Pants, Dreamer, Hans (The Last One Is Only Used By Himself To Refer To Himself)

    Gender :

    Age : 34

    Birth-Date : 19th Of February

    Sexuality : Too Lazy For Such Things.

    Relationship Status : Married To A Bench (Not Legally Though)

    Love Interest/Spouse : None

    Nationality : American

    Village or Town of birth : New York

    Smoker? : No

    Drinker? : Whenever Someone Decides To Put Alcoholic Drinks In Public Trash Containers... So... Barely

    Drug User? : No


    Height : 5'4.29"

    Weight : 127 Lbs

    Figure/Build : Light (Undereight)

    Hairstyle and Color : Shoulder-Length Messy Dirty Brown Hair.

    Eye Color : Black

    Skin Color : Light Tan

    Preferred Style of Clothing : Anything Free, Or At Least Very, Very Cheap.

    Personality and Habits

    Personality : Generally Lazy, And Unmotivated Towards Anything That Doesn´t Catch His Curiosity; Grumpy When Not Given Money (That Is, Pretty Much All The Time), Naive Towards Several Things, And Reasonably Curious Specially Towards Those; Specifically Uneager To Engage Into Social Relationships With Humans, And Quite Clumsy.

    Likes : Money, Being Given Money By Random Strangers, Books, Autum, Anything That Requires No Effort To Do, Free Stuff, Loitering, Begging, Dirt

    Dislikes : Work, Not Being Given money by Random Strangers, Being Told To Get A Job, Running Errands, Anything Expensive, Probably You If You Do Not Give Him Money.

    Fears/Phobias : Ablutophobia (Fear Of Bathing), Ergophobia (Fear Of Working), Hypengiophobia (Fear Of Having Responsabilities)

    Favorite Color : White

    Favorite Food(s) : Pizza Left-Overs

    Favorite Drink(s) : Water

    Least Favorite Color : Red

    Least Favorite Food(s) : Anything In A Trash Container That He Is unable To Identify, But Still Deems Ingestable After A Week Of Unsucessfull Begging, Being Desperate For Some Food

    Least Favorite Drink(s) : Coffe

    Hobbies : Begging, Loitering, Reading, Stalking, Creeping, Being Isulted.

    Talents/skills : Begging, Stalking, Bench Wishpering, Creeping, Garbage Sorting, Persuading (People Into Giving Him Money), Day Dreaming, Come-Back Making, Making Stuff Dirty.

    Peaceful or Aggressive? : Peaceful When Given Money, Quite Grumpy When Not Given Money, Although Still Passive, Too Lazy For Agressiveness

    Parents : Both Deceased

    Siblings : None

    Children : None

    Other Important Relatives : None

    Notable Friends :

    Enemies : Anyone Who Dares To Not Give Him Money

    Partner Digimon : Lunamon

    Digimon Description :

    Digimon's Personality:

    How/When You Met Your Partner:

    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc):

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World:

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):

    Teenage years (11 - 19):

    Adult years (20 on):

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