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    9/3/11: Updates are live!

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    9/3/11: Updates are live! Empty 9/3/11: Updates are live!

    Post  Dante Kestrel on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:32 pm

    This is Dante Kestrel, your Digital Manager speaking, and as you're reading this, updates will be live and still up and coming as the day goes on! If you look at the Digivolution Guide, you'll already see some of the updates at work.

    And Monday, we'll be celebrating these updates with an eventapalooza.

    We have:
    Scavenger hunts
    Games of tags
    Quiz games
    Fighting tournaments (But not to the death.)
    And DIGI-CHESS, where each piece is a player. If you want to know more about joining the Chess game, PM me on the forum.
    To be a certain piece, you must have the following requirements:
    PawnChessmon: At least one digimon at level 11
    KnightChessmon: At least one digimon at level 21
    RookChessmon/BishopChessmon: At least 2 Digimon at level 21
    QueenChessmon: At least 1 Digimon at level 41
    KingChessmon: See me for details.

    If you're going to join any of these events, leave a message in the Members Talk section describing what you'll be joining.

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