A revival of the old Digital World Story.


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    Aki Kaeru__16

    - Full Name -

    - Nickname(s) -

    Gender -

    Age -
    19 (Actually 4 almost 5 Due to Leap Year.)

    Birth-Date -
    February 29th, 1992

    Sexuality -

    Relationship Status -

    Love Interest/Spouse -

    Nationality -

    Village or Town of birth -
    Nashville, Tennessee

    Smoker? -
    Used to.

    Drinker? -
    Tried it. Didn't like it.

    Drug User? -
    Eww.. No...

    - Height -

    - Weight -
    110 LBz

    - Figure/Build -
    Skinny, Quick

    - Piercings (If any) -

    - Preferred Style of Clothing -
    Light Clothing

    - Personality and Habits -
    Talkative (Thats all I gotta say)

    - Personality -
    Never Give Up, Win Win Win, Nice (Sometimes)

    - Likes -

    - Dislikes -

    - Fears/Phobias -

    - Favorite Color -

    - Favorite Food(s) -
    Fresh Berries

    - Favorite Drink(s) -

    - Least Favorite Color -

    - Least Favorite Food(s) -

    - Least Favorite Drink(s) -
    Tea / Juice

    - Hobbies -
    Fighting Others for Fun

    - Talents/skills -

    - Peaceful or Aggressive? -
    Depends what you call Aggressive.

    - Relationships -

    - Parents -
    Abandoned Her at Birth.

    - Siblings -

    - Children -
    None as of Now

    - Other Important Relatives -

    - Notable Friends -

    - Enemies -
    None as of Now

    Aki LordHolyAngemon

    - Partner Digimon -
    MagnaAngemon (Kenny)

    - Digimon's Personality -
    Eager to Fight, Nice

    - How/When You Met Your Partner -
    I found him as a Patamon when I arrived in the digital world. He explained to me where I was and asked what I was going to do. After telling him I would look around he joined me.

    ~ Life Story ~

    - Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc) -
    I was born in Nashville, Tennessee where my parents apparently lived.

    - How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World -
    When I became 15 I got a computer from my Caretaker at the orphanage. This computer had a Pop-Up come up. Next thing I knew I was in the digital world.

    - Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10) -
    I was dropped off at the doorstep of a Orphanage before I became the age of 1. I can't remember this time of course... But, I was told by my Care Taker. I lived as any orphan would. Poor and unhappy. I hated most of the others in the orphanage because, I couldn't get much attention. I felt as though I were a nobody. I remember getting into lots of fights when I was younger because of the boys that picked on me at school. The teachers saw me of course getting picked on but, they didn't care. I remember coming back to the orphanage with bruises over most of my body. I just wanted to win during those fights that they provoked.

    - Teenage years (11 - 19) -
    I continued to win in fights as they stopped bullying me. I wasn't made fun of any more. I was accepted by most people.. Some were afraid of me. I was more afraid of myself then them. I remember coming home one day to find a Gift from a friend. It was a computer... It was from my Caretaker. The first gift I had ever been given. I appreciated it. I logged on it only to find a Pop-Up. I remember nothing after that... Except for meeting Patamon(Kenny). I have since then been working on a Project... A Arena of sorts. I just recently opened it to the Digital world. Me and MagnaAngemon (Kenny) plan on being the strongest in the digital world.

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