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    Character Template


    Full Name:Kazuma Bovino






    Relationship Status:Single

    Love Interest/Spouse:


    Village or Town of birth:Greece



    Drug User?:No

    Appearance: A slim, average hieghted man with a black hooded robe on often the hood up. His whole attire is black. Feels strongly on what's just and honorable. Never turns down a person in need of help if they would need it.

    Height:5.8ft tall


    Figure/Build:Slim and cut

    Hairstyle and Color:White/gray look kept semi spiky and down

    Eye Color:Light Green eyes

    Skin Color:A farmers tan

    Tattoos (If any):

    Scars (If any): x like scar on his right hand

    Piercings (If any):

    Preferred Style of Clothing:Relaxing clothes. If not wearing his robe he has a white shirt on opened with blue shorts on

    Personality and Habits: streching

    Personality:Happy, easy-going, friendly


    Dislikes:Unmoral sense

    Fears/Phobias:Not being able to protect those he cares about

    Favorite Color:green

    Favorite Food(s):Itailin pasta

    Favorite Drink(s):Shirley temple

    Least Favorite Color:Nonething

    Least Favorite Food(s):Green beans

    Least Favorite Drink(s):Coconut milk

    Hobbies:Poetry, music, sports

    Talents/skills:skilled with weapons

    Peaceful or Aggressive?:In between depending on what's going on


    Parents:Lisa Hernandez and Mario Hernandez

    Siblings:3 brothers named Nick, Jay, and Deshon

    Children:None right now

    Other Important Relatives:

    Notable Friends:Everyone...

    Enemies:people who disagree with my view points

    Partner Digimon:Falcomon

    Digimon Description: A bird with black, red, and purple feathers. His eyes are big and are a very light green color. Around his face is red and his beak is light orange. Hi mid body and upper body is mix of purple, black, and some yellow while the lower body is black. His feet are a deeper orange and claws on his feet red.

    Digimon's Personality:Kind and helpful. Lays his life down on the line for his friends and people/digimon in need. Concerned about everything and is quiet with most people besides his parnter.

    How/When You Met Your Partner:I had a deck of digimon cards and I collected more and more just to find the one card I wanted more then anything else, Falcomon. I was able to find it with a champion digimon battler named Kijima. He said I would only be able to get it if I was a digimon game against him. I won the last round against him because he lost his nerve from it looking like I might actually win it. When I went to get the card Kijima snapped his fingers and three thugs come inside. Kijima told them to kill me for beating him and the thugs were closing in when the Falcomon card glowed deep purple and Falcomon came out of the card charging at the thugs knocking them out. He then did the same to Kijima. After that he walked towards me opening his mouth speaking "Are you alright?". "Yeh fine because of you thanks". I asked Falcomon if he would like to stay with me and he said yes beginning our partner ship together.

    Life Story: Has had a average life but had to deal with the seperation of his parents as well as living in a rough enviroment. Lives and goes on with each day only thinking about how to surpass what he already has done and accomplish so much more.

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc):His was born premature coming out two months early then predicted. Had a near death experience when born because of almost not getting to the hospital on time as while as a car accident happening when his father and mother took him home.

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World:Falcomon told him that his home was in trouble about a year into meeting each other. Feeling as if I owned him for saving my life and him being my partner I told him show me where to go to help. We went within the forest and arriving at a lake I had no idea was in the woods. He told me to dive in it and everything would begin. I held my breath and dived deep down before getting sucked in and spit out in a different area. I look around seeing Falcomon standing five feet away from me. I stood up looking around and smiled "Let's get started"

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):Went to school and did his best to live up to his parents standards. Had only a hand full of friends due to being forced to focus on studies. Instilled with manners and common sense. Started hearing about a game called digimon and his life changed ever since then.

    Teenage years (11 - 19):Meet Falcomon when his was twelve years old and went to the digital word a year later. Going around the world meeting friendly digimon as well as strong evil digimon

    Adult years (20 on):Has yet to happen yet

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    Change your digimon partner. Guilmon is taken. :/

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