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    Character Template


    Full Name:Raizek Dryken




    Birth-Date:October 21st


    Relationship Status:Single

    Love Interest/Spouse:N/A


    Village or Town of birth:



    Drug User?:No





    Hairstyle and Color: Black, Messy hair

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Skin Color: Pale

    Tattoos (If any):N/A

    Scars (If any):N/A

    Piercings (If any):N/A

    Preferred Style of Clothing: Black baggy pants, simple black T-shirt, large black hoodie

    Personality and Habits

    Personality: Loner, loud, obnoxious

    Likes:Food,Video Games, Fighting

    Dislikes: Reading, Shy people

    Fears/Phobias: Fear of Rejection

    Favorite Color:Black

    Favorite Food(s): Ramen above all else

    Favorite Drink(s): Grape Soda

    Least Favorite Color:Pink

    Least Favorite Food(s):Vegetables

    Least Favorite Drink(s):Milk

    Hobbies:Free-running, Drawing

    Talents/skills: Adept Free-runner

    Peaceful or Aggressive?:Aggressive





    Other Important Relatives: None

    Notable Friends:None


    Partner Digimon:Guilmon

    Digimon Description: Similar to all other Guilmon.

    Digimon's Personality: Loud, obnoxious, Friendly. Above all, listens to orders given.

    How/When You Met Your Partner:Guilmon found Raizek after Raizek had been beaten up by some bullies in his neighborhood, it was around Two in the morning when Raizek regained consciousness, only to find he was being carried around by Guilmon. At the age of Thirteen he was forced to leave his miserable life behind in exchange for a new life in the Digital world.

    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): Mother died after giving birth, Father was away in the military, dying on the frontlines before Raizek was conceived.

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World: Guilmon took him to the Digital World after finding him for the first time, healing his minor wounds and quickly befriending him.

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Raizek was raised in a large orphanage, being the smallest out of all other kids he was bullied and picked on, everyone went to him when they needed something delivered or wanted something done fast.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): Raizek was constantly beaten up by the older kids because he loved to steal their stuff, leaving him in the middle of the city and forcing him to find his way back, and when he eventually did, he was sent back out and beat up and left in a nearby park. At the age of Thirteen he was taken to the Digital world by his partner Guilmon, in hopes of taking him away from the horrible life he lived.

    Adult years (20 on):N/A
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