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    Full Name: Vandyn L. Helvoise (No, the letter L doesn't stand for anything)

    Nickname(s): Van, Vanny

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Birth-Date: September 19, 1994

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Relationship Status: Single

    Love Interest/Spouse: None

    Nationality: German American. Raised in Japan. (Born in the Digital World to a German father and an American mother)

    Village or Town of birth: Domain City

    Smoker?: No

    Drinker?: No

    Drug User?: No


    Vandyn L. Helvoise Vandyn13

    Height: 6' 2"

    Weight: 155 lbs

    Figure/Build: Slim/Athletic

    Hairstyle and Color: Bangs are covering half the eyes, but swept to the left. A lock of hair falls before each ear and touches just past the bottom of the earlobe. The rest is pulled into a low, short tail. Jet Black.

    Eye Color: Amethyst

    Skin Color: 12 on Von Luschan's chromatic scale

    Tattoos (If any): None

    Scars (If any): None

    Piercings (If any): 2 lobe, 1 auricle, and 3 pinna piercings all on the right ear. All silver rings

    Preferred Style of Clothing: Cool gray t-shirt. Dark Red zip-up jacket w/ no sleeves, no hood, and white trim around the bottom (always left unzipped). White bandanna tied around neck. Black leather wristband on both arms. Black pants, tucked into pale dark brown boots, which come half-way up the calf. On the boots, the toe and edges of the sole are lined with a steel gray metal.

    Personality and Habits

    Personality: Quiet, but able to talk well. Thinking. Hardly shows emotion. Systematic.

    Likes: Pointing out the mistakes of and criticizing others, sports, travelling, solitude.

    Dislikes: Anyone loud, overly talkative, quick tempered, or nosey. Cats.

    Fears/Phobias: Losing his sanity.

    Favorite Color: Undecided.

    Favorite Food(s): Most sour things.

    Favorite Drink(s): Water.

    Least Favorite Color: Anything bright.

    Least Favorite Food(s): Anything sweet.

    Least Favorite Drink(s): Anything containing sugar.

    Hobbies: Travelling. Deep, engaging thought.

    Talents/skills: Acrobatics. Medicine. Martial Arts.

    Peaceful or Aggressive?: Mostly peaceful.


    Parents: His father is Prof. Ludwig Helvoise, who helped design the portal system used by the Tamer Guard. His mother is Dr. Alydia Conners Helvoise, who is doing extensive research around the Digital World on Digimon diseases.

    Siblings: None.

    Children: None.

    Other Important Relatives: His deceased grandfather, Henry Conners, who helped with the development of Domain City in the Digital World. His uncle, Bruce Conners, a local martial arts legend in the small village of Chibu, Japan, where he resides.

    Notable Friends: None.

    Enemies: None.

    Partner Digimon: Terriermon.

    Digimon Description: Essentially the same as any other Terriermon, only with a scar over his left eye.

    Digimon's Personality: Terriermon is very energetic and child-like. Most things only hold his attention for a few seconds before he's compelled to find something new to occupy his mind. However, when the time arises, he can be very brave, and is always loyal to his partner, Vandyn. He's deathly afraid of deep water.

    How/When You Met Your Partner: After arriving in the Digital World, Vandyn decided to look for higher ground to scan his surroundings. While scaling the face of a cliff, he heard loud noises coming from above. He looked up to see several balls of crimson light to fly out from the top of the cliff, and from one of them, a green and cream creature fall. As the dog-rabbit fell toward him, he snatched it from the air and carried it to the top of the cliff.
    Vandyn and Terriermon quickly formed a bond of trust as he nursed the injured Digimon back to good health.

    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): Born in Domain City during the Rosemon Festival. He is of the first generation of humans to be born in Digital World.

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World: About a week ago while doing research for a school assigment, Vandyn happened upon a strange site. After clicking a few items on the webpage, the screen began to glow with a strange light. A portal opened through the computer and Vandyn was sucked through it and dumped in a dense forest.

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): The first two years of his life were spent within the Digital World with his parents. At this time in his life, his mother decided it was too dangerous in the Digital World for a child and sent him to live with her brother in Chibu, Japan.
    Vandyn grew up the pupil of a martial arts master. He trained everyday after school, and grew to love that art. He made friends with the kids enrolled at his uncle's dojo. Soon, he rose to the top of the class, and those friends turned to bitter rivals.
    Vandyn's most vivid childhood memory is of the day he was assaulted and beaten by a group of delinquent teenagers. He was running an errand for his uncle: picking up some sweet dumplings from a local shop. The boys were hungry and tried to scare Vandyn into handing over the dumplings. Determined to return to his Uncle Bruce with the dumplings, he resisted the threats of the older boys, and for that, they viciously attacked him.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): Vandyn spent most of his preteen and early teen years in private school. He studied philosophy and the arts and became a very earthy person. He slowly withdrew into a quiet, young gentlemen, always an exemplary display of perfect manners. From the age of fifteen on, Vandyn began making regular trips to hospitals all over Japan. He would observe various surgeries and treatments. It was during this time that he realized what he wanted to do with the rest of his life: Become the best neurosurgeon he could be.

    Adult years (20 on): N/A[quote]

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