A revival of the old Digital World Story.

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    Character Template


    Full Name: Kōshi Take

    Nickname(s): N.A.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Birth-Date: 01-07-1994

    Sexuality: Straight/Hetero-Sexual

    Relationship Status: Single

    Love Interest/Spouse: N.A.

    Nationality: Japanese

    Village or Town of birth: Kunja

    Smoker?: Yes

    Drinker?: Yes

    Drug User?: No


    Height: 1,87

    Weight: 85

    Figure/Build: Most of it are muscles, but Kōshi likes to snack once in a while.

    Hairstyle and Color: Short hair, Black

    Eye Color: Green

    Skin Color: Mediterranean skin tone

    Tattoos (If any): A Dragon tattoo on the chest.

    Scars (If any): A scar right trough the left eye, it's going trough from the top left to down right.

    Piercings (If any): N.A.

    Preferred Style of Clothing: Black T-Shirt with White Jacket (long sleeves), Blue Jeans, Black Bussines shoes, white socks, a Black Hat and Sunglasses

    Personality and Habits

    Personality: Kōshi is not the nicest person you'll see around, he is a guy in search of power, although with his friends, he'll be one of the nicest guys you'll know, because Kōshi will never do one thing, and that is leavin his friends alone. Kōshi can be a little harsh for his friends sometimes which can cause them to argue but afterwards Kōshi isn't the real bad guy.

    Likes: Rock Music, Dragon Digimon, Electronics, Girls, Beach, Smoking, Drinking, Dancing

    Dislikes: Insect Digimon, Rap Music, Drugs, People who do drugs, People who are selfish, Small rooms

    Fears/Phobias: Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, Snakes, Bugs, Woman rejecting him.

    Favorite Color: Red

    Favorite Food(s): Fries, Hamburgers

    Favorite Drink(s): Coke, 7Up

    Least Favorite Color: Cyan

    Least Favorite Food(s): Beans

    Least Favorite Drink(s): Orange Juice

    Hobbies: Basketball, Training Digimons, Chilling with friends, KickBoxing, Freerunning

    Talents/skills: Fast, Jumps High, Really good hearing skills

    Peaceful or Aggressive?: Peaceful

    Relationships : N.A.

    Parents: Father : Tadashi (Jr.) Take, Mother : Ling Leechaloh-Take

    Siblings: N.A.

    Children: N.A.

    Other Important Relatives: Grandfather : Tadashi Take, Dragon Digimon tamer.

    Notable Friends: N.A.

    Enemies: Insect Digimons

    Partner Digimon: (Gotta wait for Dante)

    Digimon Description: (Gotta wait for Partner Digimon

    Digimon's Personality: A calm Digimon, but when in a fight, really aggresive, he resembles his tamer, he will never leave his friend and will stay with them till the very end.

    Also he is a bit of ego-centric if it doesn't icorporate his friends, he doesn't care about the other digimons and he might not even care when there is another fellow Digimon dieing out there.

    How/When You Met Your Partner: He was hanging at the edge of a volcano, i saved his life, and then he swore to protect me for the rest of my life, and the way back wasn't an easy task either, we faced many countless strong digimon, but he was able to protect me and himself.

    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): Hospital in Kunja, 01-07-1994 at 9.27 pm,

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World : At the age of 14, after he was working with computers, he got sucked into the digital world when he opened a program called : Digital_World_Fight_Till_The_End.EXE

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): His childhood was really though, his parents never gave about him, he wanted to commit suicide at the age of 9, but his uncle kept him strong, school was though to, he was popular, don't get me wrong, but he got bad grades, which made his parents act even worse to him, the teachers aren't nice to, they all call him names and sometimes don't let him make the test but just give him a F right at the start.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): His life got better once he got older, at the age of 12 years he moved in with his uncle, his uncle gave him this game at the age of 14, well he thought it was a game, but it was a program that sucked him into the digital world, from then on Kōshi started researching Dragon Digimon together with his uncle, he is obsessed with Dragon Digimon and wants to tame the strongest Dragon Digimon that exists. He got his first Digimon at the age of 16.

    Adult years (20 on): N.A.

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