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    Digi-Chess explanation

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    Digi-Chess explanation Empty Digi-Chess explanation

    Post  Dante Kestrel on Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:43 pm

    As I posted earlier, players can take the role of pawns on the chessboard as they battle it out. The requirements for the pieces are shown here:
    PawnChessmon(16): At least one digimon at level 11 or higher
    KnightChessmon(4): At least one digimon at level 21 or higher
    RookChessmon/BishopChessmon(4): At least 2 Digimon at level 21 or higher
    QueenChessmon(2): At least 1 Digimon at level 41 or higher
    KingChessmon(2): At least 3 Digimon at level 51 or higher

    During the course of the match, the KingChessmon will command the team on where to move the pieces, so it takes strategy to win the game. In Digi-Chess, when two pieces overlap, they engage one another, so the outcome relies on the better player, as well as the pieces battling.

    The whole winning team will get a prize if they succeed. Gather as many players as you need and send for a GM to put you onto the battlefield.

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