A revival of the old Digital World Story.

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    Character Template


    Full Name: Ken Emanuel Susonochi






    Relationship Status:Single

    Love Interest/Spouse:A girl at his school


    Village or Town of birth:Hawaii



    Drug User?:No

    Appearance: Kenny is thin with a medium sized gray hair and big eyes also with the gray colour. He also as an weak appeance.
    Ken Susonochi Anime_boys_twins_picture-34197

    Height:170 cm


    Figure/Build: Thin

    Hairstyle and Color:Medium sized, gray hair

    Eye Color:Gray

    Skin Color:Pale

    Tattoos (If any):None

    Scars (If any):None

    Piercings (If any):None

    Preferred Style of Clothing:Kenny's style is anything that has black, but his favourite combination of cloths is his black hat with his black googles and the black long jacket. He always use blue or black pants and underneath his black jacket a black T-shirt.

    Personality and Habits:

    Personality:Kenny is a calm person always concerned about the beuty in things. A very kind attitude to others, but prefers to be alone hearing music or drawing and sometimes he goes to the beach for a swim.

    Likes:Sleeping, Drawing, swimming, hearing music, playing games and enjoys looking at beautiful things.

    Dislikes:Spiders, cold and standing near other people for to long

    Fears/Phobias: Arachnophobia

    Favorite Color:Black, green and blue

    Favorite Food(s):Sushi

    Favorite Drink(s):Coca-cola

    Least Favorite Color:Pink and yellow

    Least Favorite Food(s):Pork

    Least Favorite Drink(s):None

    Hobbies:Drawing, Swimming, Playing games or sometimes going out with his frieds.

    Talents/skills:Kenny has an exceptional talent of drawing and he almost is never afraid, until a spider appears.

    Peaceful or Aggressive?:Peaceful


    Parents:Daniel Emanuel and Chihaya Susonochi



    Other Important Relatives:None

    Notable Friends:Not much affectionated with other people to call them friends.


    Partner Digimon:Palmon

    Digimon Description: Palmon has a kind and peaceful personality, always ready to help others in trouble. She is always smilling even when she gets hurt in order not to make others worried about her.

    How/When You Met Your Partner:
    In a normal day at school Ken was calmly walking along the school's hall with his hands in is pockets. At the corner of the hall, he clashed with one of his schoolmates and a strange device flew out of the boy's hands. Both fell on the ground and when the boy looked at Ken, he apologized while he got up and extended his hand in order to help Ken to get up. Ken looked at him and smirked while he grabbed his hand awnsering that it was no problem and that himself should be more careful while walking. The boy pushed Kenny and he got up and soon has Kenny got up from the floor, the boy turned away to pick up his device. Kenny looked at it curious and the boy saw the curiosity stamped on Kenny's face as he started laughing while explaining what that device was, starting by saying that the device was a V-pet, a new game that got out recently and the objective of the game was to take care of it like a pet. The boy didn't know much more about it as he told to him that i bought it a while ago.
    Interested in that device, Kenny went to nearest gaming store to buy that new fascinating game. Getting in the store, he saw in the display window that game he was looking for has he asked for one of those to the girl that was taking care of the store. Having bought the device, Kenny went home and has he arrived, he took the device out of his bag and opened the box.
    When Kenny took the V-Pet out of the box, he turned it on and a strange egg was in the screen. Bored, he pressed the buttons to see if the egg would hatch, but nothing happened. He sighed and said ''Damn, this is broken already? I shouldn't have bought this...Whatever''.
    Ken went to the pc and remembered that inside the box was a strange cable to connect to the computer, so he fetched the cable and connected the V-pet with the Pc. Suddenly Kenny received an unknown menssage saying, ''Welcome and thanks for buying our newest product, The V-pet. As you all might know you have to register to have your newest digimon, so if you please, awnser the following questions.''. Kenny looked at the link, grabbed the mouse and located the cursor on the link, has he clicked on the link, making a box poping out awsering what was his nickname. Kenny awnsered that simple question, but many more boxes popped out with personal questions, like his age and favourite collors.
    After awsering all those questions, a final menssage poped out saying, ''Thank you and welcome to the Digital world.''. Kenny closed that box wondering what would the Digital world would be, then suddenly the screen started flashing, making Kenny's eyes closing. Ken felt something pushing him, but when he reopened his eyes to see what was pushing him, he saw that he was in the middle of a jungle. He started walking around calmly while putting is hands in the pockets, in order to think rationally of what happend, but as soon has he put his hands in his pockets, he felt something in it. Grabbing the item, he pulled it out seeing that it was the strange gadget that he bought.
    Suddenly the gadget shone and changed into a strange shape and from it, the digi egg materialized and consequently, the egg cracked and the top of the egg popped out, getting out a strange white puffed being with long purple ears.
    Kenny glared at the creature and smirked at him while he was around his arms. Ken started talking with the creature, but baddly he knew that the creature could understand him very well.
    After some hours, the baby creature started to cry as Ken asked him with a smile if he was hungry. The white round creature nod and Kenny glanced his eyes to the creature admired of what the animal just did. ''You are such a smart one hein? Cool, lets see if we can find you anything to eat.'' said Ken while still holding the famished creature.
    Looking around there were nothing but trees but while Ken kept walking, he saw some kind of fruit that resembled like bananas. He placed Yuramon on the top of his head and started climbing the tree. As he reached those bananas, he peeled them and found that they were empty, but the creature that was on the top of his head jumped on to his lap and started eating those bananas. After eating, the small digimon trembled and exploded, making a pink smoke sorrouning it.
    Kenny raised his arms surprised of what just happened and when the smoke dissipated, he was even more surprised as he saw that the white puffed creature turned into a strange green legged plant. Kenny calmed himself and glanced at the plant like creature once again, as the creature smiled at him saying, ''Hi! I'm Tanemon and i'm a digimon! Nice to meet you Ken.''. Kenny got scared and felt from the tree. Gladly, the branch where he was, wasn't to high, so he got up and saw the strange plant jumping on the top of him saying, ''Don't be scared, i'm your friend! I'm the white puffed creature that you called me earlier. Eheehe.''
    As soon as Kenny calmed himself, he heard a strange noise comming in the middle of the tall grass, after some rubbling, a green slimy digimon called Nunemon, or so Tanemon called him, started attacking and so they start running from him. While Ken was running away from the greenish digimon, he stumbled on one of those pink poops yelling, ''Disgusting, the worst collor that could possibly exist mixed with poop!? Come on!''. Tanemon jumped infront of Kenny and yelled, ''Bubble blow!''.She full opened her mouth as she started spittng some pinkish bubble directioned to the Nunemon, but Nunemon jumped back and near him appeared four more Nunemons that slamed against Tanemon making her fly next to Ken. Ken grabbed Tanemon and seeing that the Nunemons jumped in order to attack her more, he protected her with his own body.
    Tanemon started crying seeing Kenny smilling and asking if she was okay. Suddenly the device that was on Kenny's waist started shinning emiting white flashes all around and Tanemon started flashing with the Digivice. The Nunemons backed away from the bright flash and Kenny got out from the top of the brighting Nyaramon, as she started changing shape from a strange plant, into a bipedal plant, with a pink beautiful flower on the top of her and her nails where poisonous ivys. As soon as the digivice stopped flashing, so did Tanemon and at the same time, the Nunemons started attacking once again, but the Plant screamed ''Pant shock!'' and some strange spores where spit out of Palmos's flower that when they touched the Nunemons, it stunned them, and she followed her attack with another yelling from her, ''Poison ivy!''. Palmon extended her arms infront with fury as her ivy nails grew sorrounding the nunemons and threw them away.
    Palmon glared at the Nunemons and they got scared of the plant digimon, as they started running away. Palmon walked against Kenny and smirked at him saying, ''Thank Ken, you made me digivolve...I am Palmon now!''. Kenny looked at him with a confused face asking what was digivolution and Palmon awnsered him that it was when a digimon changed form into a stronger digimon, she also explained of the different stages of her, saying that when Ken found her, she was in a baby form, then digivolved into a in-training and that finally she digivolved into a rookie digimon. She explained aswell that there were higher stages, but if he wanted to know more, they should reach the Digimon HQ and so they followed the route in the direction of the Digimon HQ.

    Life Story:

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): Kenny borned in Hawaii at 29 October of 1992.

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World:Ken arrived to the Digital world when he acomplished 18 years, he went via a strange portal through the computer that opened when he finished registering on an unknown e-mail, but that said thing about the V-pet.

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Ken passed his childhood all by himself only loving the pretty things, drawing and always playing video games. Not interested in making any friends, his parents got worried and when he got in the elementary school, his parents teached him to be kind with people and to try making some friends.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): As Ken acomplished eleven years old, he already had many ''friends'' like his parents asked him to, but he wasn't much interested on them, as he kept his interest in playing video games, looking at pretty things and drawing. Acomplishing 15 years old, he started swimming more often on the beach, which was where he went when he wanted to be alone and a good place to draw or play his games.
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