A revival of the old Digital World Story.

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    Full Name:Raigen Malice Convict

    Nickname(s):Rai Genny.



    Birth-Date:April fools April 1st

    Sexuality:Mostly straight.

    Relationship Status:single

    Love Interest/Spouse:None,yet.


    Village or Town of birth:Tokyo



    Drug User?:nuh-uh



    Weight:205 lb


    Hairstyle and Color:layed, somewhat messy and blue

    Eye Color:blue

    Skin Color:blue--jk light but not really pale

    Tattoos (If any):nope

    Scars (If any):a bite mark from Tsukaimon on his left arm

    Piercings (If any):nuh-uh

    Preferred Style of Clothing:long sleeved shirts,not too baggy but not too tight.

    Personality and Habits

    Personality:normally nice, can be agitated easy however. can also be oblivious and hot headed wich makes him make wrong hasty decisions that he regrets later.

    Likes:nice people, Pizza, cool digimon, anime/manga, games

    Dislikes:ignorant people whom are mean for no reason.Rules public speeches

    Fears/Phobias:being swallowed whole, insects, jellyfish,drowning

    Favorite Color:Blue,black and red

    Favorite Food(s):Pizza

    Favorite Drink(s):sodas and juices

    Least Favorite Color:certain shades of green

    Least Favorite Food(s):coleslaw(however you spell it)

    Least Favorite Drink(s):tomato juice....what?

    Hobbies:gaming, messing with those he associates with

    Talents/skills:annoying people EASILY

    Peaceful or Aggressive?:peaceful until agitated



    Siblings:sister,Rena, moved away

    Children:none (good for him)

    Other Important Relatives:...

    Notable Friends:...none for now.

    Enemies:none for now.

    Partner Digimon:Tsukaimon

    Digimon Description:like a usual tsukaimon would look.. small like a hamster, purple with wing-ears and golden eyes.

    Digimon's Personality:unlike how they normally would be, this one is somewhat level-headed, yet still a smart-ass somtimes

    How/When You Met Your Partner:as soon as Raigen entered the digital world, he stumbled upon it, it was somewhat aggressive to him but he was determined to catch him.. he finally gave up and went with him.. as they went along somehow they got along..
    Raigen:...so... your a digimon?
    Tsukaimon: noo.. im a talking hampster with wings...
    Raigen:.. you've got a smart mouth dont you..
    Tsukaimon: well thank you yes I am smart...
    Raigen:...well..so far your the best im gonna get around here i guess.
    Tsukaimon: yes.. yes i am.

    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc):in a hospital of anonymous name(dont know any)he was delivered a year after his sister,
    so he's a year older than her.

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World:he was just messing around on the computer one day.... but then... his computer was acting strange..he knew technology but didnt recognize this.somehow he's sucked into it and then he winds up in the digital world.. soon to meet his new partner.

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):a normal life, pampered and cared for, adored by his parrents and his sister nothing bad ever happend to him or his sister...basically they lived like goody goodies.. until they started messing around in the wrong places like one time when they were outside around a construction sight having NO idea what they were doing playing around there, till the construction workers chased them away getting in trouble somtimes, picking with eachother as well but they still were friends to the end.

    Teenage years (11 - 19):lived life in their usual way.. hanging out playing games and trying not to get in trouble.eventually she moved away to get a job and a life.. they do miss eachother but they keep in toutch by phone and email.. till raigen entered the digital world, yet raigen hasent told her about him being in the digital world..currently learning more about the digital world every day... his tsukaimon getting him more trouble than he wants but he sticks through with it, hes not entirely sure about what it evolves into but he's soon to find out...

    Adult years (20 on):N/A
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