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    Full Name: Jimmy Quinston Brolin (bro-LAHN)

    Nickname(s): QB

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Birth-Date: January 15, 1994

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Relationship Status: Single, but searching

    Love Interest/Spouse: N/A

    Nationality: American

    Village or Town of birth: Lafayette

    Smoker?: No

    Drinker?: No

    Drug User?: No


    Height: 5’8”

    Weight: 157

    Figure/Build: Cut/Muscular

    Hairstyle and Color: Black/Semi-long and Wavy style

    Eye Color: Brown

    Skin Color: White (tanned)

    Tattoos (If any): N/A

    Scars (If any): Several on his thigh and a large scar on his right shoulder

    Piercings (If any): Silver Cross Earrings

    Preferred Style of Clothing: Basketball shorts, Under Armour shirt, Hi-Top sneakers

    Personality and Habits

    Personality: Jimmy is usually a pretty calm guy. He is often seen as the most relaxed person in his classrooms. However, he also secretly worries over many things, but never shows it to anyone. His angry side does tend to slip out every now and then when Jimmy worries too much. He is surprisingly extremely poetic.

    Likes: Basketball, working out, socializing with friends, helping others

    Dislikes: Bullies, Prejudices, Himself

    Fears/Phobias: Homophobia

    Favorite Color: Purple

    Favorite Food(s): Gumbo

    Favorite Drink(s): Gatorade

    Least Favorite Color: Green

    Least Favorite Food(s): Bananas

    Least Favorite Drink(s): Dr. Pepper

    Hobbies: Sports, video games, writing

    Talents/skills: Writing poems and short stories

    Peaceful or Aggressive?: Peaceful


    Parents: Carol and Mark: Loving relationship, but Mark is rarely home due to work.

    Siblings: Louis: Older brother who supports Jimmy.

    Children: N/A

    Other Important Relatives: N/A
    Notable Friends: Not now

    Enemies: Not now

    Partner Digimon: Kitsumon (Nicknamed Rayner)

    Digimon Description: Normal Kitsumon, but she is always wearing a purple scarf.

    Digimon's Personality: Rayner is Jimmy’s more aggressive half. She is usually the one to pick a fight more often. However, she is also able to read situations well when her hot head does not get in the way.

    How/When You Met Your Partner: During Jimmy’s first trip to the Digital World, he was suddenly jumped by five Bearmon looking for food. After about a good ten minutes of running, Rayner jumped in and took out the Bearmon with ease. After being rescued, Jimmy decided to tag along with Rayner. One thing led to another, and Jimmy and Rayner became true partners.

    Life Story

    Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): Jimmy was born in one of his town’s major hospitals. Nothing exciting really happened….

    How/When Your Character Arrived In the Digital World: While scrolling through the internet, Jimmy found a strange site that would help him with his new homophobic problem. However, that site was actually a hidden portal to the digital world. With a flash of light, Jimmy found that he was no longer in his room, but in the Digital World.

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Jimmy’s childhood was rather ordinary. Growing up, he aspired to become a top football star. That dream changed to basketball around age nine. Other than his dreams and little league games, he was known for his attitude to never give up. When Jimmy was ten, his grandfather died. This led him to becoming somewhat spiritually aware for a couple of years.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): Following the death of his closest grandfather, Jimmy found himself more willing to do things involving his faith. This, however, stopped once puberty kicked in at age thirteen. This is when Jimmy started to find his attractions to both males and females. This only made him feel bad because many of the people he knew were prejudice towards gays. He began his decent into depression at age fourteen. Halfway through that year, Jimmy had secretly begun cutting his own thighs while wallowing in his depression. However, his brother caught him one night and was told the entire story. With Louis’s help Jimmy was able to start to cope with his inner feelings. A year had passed since Jimmy first cut himself, and this was when he and Rayner first met. Rayner often gave him moral support for the things that he was dealing with. For two years, they have been together, and Jimmy has started to get his life back together. However, he still suffers from bouts of depression due to his great fear of being judged for who he is.
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